Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday: Siblings

Adoption and foster care don't just separate parent and child; they also separates siblings. Here are five links to posts and articles looking at the subject of sibling separation from different viewpoints:

I met my own biological brother when I was 30 and he was 15. This past summer, I joyfully attended his wedding.

My adopted daughter currently has contact with her youngest two siblings but hasn't seen the older group in years. I wish I could change this for her, but the circumstances are currently beyond my control.

Do you have a sibling story of your own? If so, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Siblings and adoption is a topic near and dear to my heart.

    I have 1 older sister, being raised by my first mother, who does not know about me.
    I have 4 older siblings who were raised by my first father who do not know about me.
    Liam has an older brother and a younger sister, being raised by his first mother, who do not know about him.

    So many lost connections............

  2. Wow, Andy. My chest tightened reading that. Lost connections indeed!

    Think of all the people out there, like your siblings, thinking they have no connection to adoption, but they do and they have no idea.

  3. My son has 3 siblings who live with his birthmother. He knows about them and they know about him. He's even talked to his sister a couple of times now. (She's 3.) He also knows several of his birthmother's family members. Unfortunately, we don't have any contact with his birthfather and any children he might have. DS loves that he has siblings, though sometimes he's sad that they don't live with us or he doesn't live with them.
    My newborn daughter has 3 siblings by her birthmother as well. Currently, they don't know about her. I don't know when/if they will. She'll know about them.

  4. "This past summer, I joyfully attended his wedding." - seems like I should have been able to read that simple sentence w/o getting teary, but I couldn't. Just another reminder that the mystery is always there.